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An artist for a long time and a painter for more than ten years, Patricia Kramer is dof Dutch origin and hersees far in her life as in her art, she knows how to observe the paths traced and create her own. Today, she devotes herself to painting full time and lives solely from her art. In recent years, she has had the opportunity to be represented in more than 5 galleries in Quebec in addition to presenting her work at several exhibitions and events, multiplying the opportunities to get in touch with the public, in a sort of counterpoint with the intimacy and solitude of creation.


His works unfold between abstraction and semi-abstraction. We recognize here and there more concrete touches, sometimes evocations of landscape, sometimes the integration of urban elements. Fascinated by Anselm Kiefer's relationship with matter and inspired by the ample gesture of Marcelle Ferron, Patricia Kramer uses mixed techniques that combine collages with acrylic paint that she applies in the manner of watercolor. Each canvas is the result of a search for balance between all its components and is combed through before affixing the signature.


Patricia Kramer's painting is a slow process. The first stages are made up of time and silence: it is a question of creating the textures, the relief and the whiteness which will welcome the sequel. These surfaces become the territory of a research on the authenticity of the gesture, which she wants to be as intuitive as possible, but also the most significant. She explores the harmony between pictorial force and the instinct of her imagination, seeking to avoid excessive gestures, while letting herself be carried away by emotions that circulate freely, without pressure. In creation, Patricia is entirely attentive to her sensitivity which dictates her choice of colors and the vibrations with which she wishes to animate her paintings. She is driven by the conviction that painting should be an experience that opens up all the senses. During these moments, his sensations, encounters, experiences and memories are placed and interact on the canvas, as in his life.


At the heart of this process, she tends towards a deep well-being, first for herself, then to provide a soothing light to the individuals who will live daily with her works. She is sensitive to the pressure imposed by our time to perform ever faster and her painting is a positive response to this situation. In this regard, she is inspired by the slowness of land art and the natural forms of life. It is in a philosophy of the gift that Patricia Kramer wishes to transmit an experience of the good, of the living and of the dream, which requires time and openness to manifest itself.


His paintings have found buyers in different regions of Quebec, and also in more distant places  such as New York-USA,  Vlissingen-Hollande, Ottawa-Ontario,_cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Moncton and Edmundston-NB.


Patricia Kramer

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