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  A graduate of UQTR in visual arts and Lasalle College in fashion design, Patricia Kramer is an accomplished artist who has been working as an artist-painter for over 15 years. Today, she devotes herself full time to painting and lives exclusively from her art. The artist practices the abstract style, sometimes flirting with the figurative, nature, the sea heritage of his Dutch roots. She explores color, balance, gesture and perfects her art, keeping it constantly evolving. On this path, she remains authentic, inspired and motivated, free in her creations as in her life. His paintings have found buyers in different regions of Quebec, but also in the United States, Europe and Western Canada. 

  The path to recognition required a lot of determination, perseverance and resilience from her. Of Dutch origin, Patricia Kramer emigrated to Quebec, to Trois-Rivières in 1984. She spoke no French at the time. Ten years later, she began her artistic training at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, within an inspiring environment which, from the outset, provided her with quality, complete and diversified knowledge. She had the chance to discover art in various forms there, surrounded by passionate teachers, artists and technicians. This passage remains unforgettable in his eyes, opened up horizons for him and had a decisive influence on his future career.

  She began her career in 1997, in Montreal, as a knitting designer at Rue de la Maille, with clients such as MEXX, Historia, Philippe Dubuc and many other well-known names in the fashion. A few years later, her artistic impulse led her to another passion: the manufacture of cold-bent steel lamps. The uniqueness of Patricia Kramer's lamps lies in their hand-painted lampshades. It was when a client asked her to paint on canvas what she was already doing on lampshades that the initial spark was ignited... From that moment, the path to follow became clearer... Patricia receives the dose of confidence she needs to create unique works on canvas, and sees for the first time the possibility of living from it.

  The early years were not easy as she did several part-time jobs while taking care of her infant son on her own, a context that did not allow her to fully develop her art and his talent. This is why in 2010, back in Trois-Rivières, she made the biggest decision of her life: to devote herself 100% to her art. The artist spends evenings and nights painting, constantly perfecting his style and technique. His goal is to excel at it. No plan B. The public's interest in his art intensified as his works were present in several galleries in Quebec and presented at various exhibitions and other artistic events.

  From 2015 to 2019, she established a partnership with the Delta hotel in Trois-Rivières to set up a permanent exhibition of around forty of her works. She also offers to paint there every Wednesday in order to share her passion and initiate direct contact with art lovers, possibly with her clientele. She takes advantage of the redevelopment of the hotel to offer her works to furnish her rooms. Her project was accepted and she then obtained an unprecedented contract by creating 280 works by hand, in limited series, which now adorn the rooms of the Delta hotel in Trois-Rivières.


  In October 2020, despite the pandemic, determined to make a dream come true, she opened her own distribution space, Atelier & Galerie Kramer, in a magnificent century-old building by the river, on the King's Road.   More than thirty of his creations can be admired there and are available for sale. Always in renewal, the artist recently set up a collection of clothing, printed with her creations: high-end clothing for ladies, eco-responsible and made 100% in Quebec.


“My art represents FREEDOM to me…As an artist, I am free to create beauty for others…it's the best I have to offer. » 

Patricia Kramer

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